How it Works

How The Volunteering Process Works

The order of the steps in the application and assessment process can vary from agency to agency, but the following is a general overview of the process. You, the volunteer applicant:

  • Apply online through our website.
  • Make sure your parent/guardian knows you are applying. You will be asked to insert their email address in the online application and they will receive our Volunteer Permission and Release Agreement that they will need to read with you, sign, and email back to us within 24 hours of receiving it. You will be signing the same form in person at your interview. If your parent is unable to email the form back to us they will be able to print it, sign it, and have you hand it into the Mentoring Coordinator at your school. We must have this form to complete your application.
  • Make sure your references know that you are applying. You will be asked to provide three references (family, school and personal) in the online application. They must all be over 19 years old and know you well. Your personal reference (someone who is not related to you) must have known you for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Once your application is complete you will be contacted by the Mentoring Coordinator at your school for an interview.
  • After a successful interview, you will need to complete a group volunteer training before being accepted into the Teen Mentoring program.  cepted as a volunteer mentor, signs an agreement of confidentiality

VOLUNTEER application form